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Seizing Joy with Michelle Matro, your Joy Mentor

It’s all about people and about helping them to allow and welcome more Joy into their life moments.

Since 1988, I focused on helping business owners start, grow, and unwind their knots as a business consultant and teacher.  What I did had less to do with business and more to do with “people”.  Though I addressed cash flow, marketing, management, and more, I also helped with overwhelm, illness, nutrition, disorganization, and whatever else was needed.  The testimonials, hugs, and gifts were plentiful.

Now I show people exactly how to see and seize the joy in their daily life and how to use those moments to turn around any situation they may be experiencing as negative in their life.  This can be in Wellness, Home, Money, Business or Career.  Areas I help in are Personal Joy Mentor, Organize and Declutter, Business Consulting, Cash Flow Management System, Home Facelift, Home Design Shopping Assistant, and Wellness Coach.

This is accomplished through my mentoring program called Seizing Joy, with my proven 3-step formula:  Truth Power Action.  My formula works for every person, in every situation they are experiencing.  This approach is fully customized, revealing specific solutions as we go.  When people are seizing joy, it ripples out to those around them too.  Joy is infectious and attractive…can’t we all benefit from more joy surrounding us?

I am a natural at uncovering someone’s joy factor and reducing their stress factor.  After all, I’ve always been the smiler, the joker, the shoulder to lean on, the problem solver.  Even when “life happens” to me, I have the natural ability to experience negativity in moments and get back to the smiles and laughs for the majority of these precious moments..

It all begins with “1st Chat”, so contact me, Michelle and see how together we can take care of you, your health, your home, your business/career with more ease.